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Relocate Initiative

The initiative aims to incentives the global tech startups and multinational companies by facilitating their access and providing a range of attractive incentives needed by these tech companies to relocate to KSA and then to successfully expand and scale within the KSA and regional market.


TechCrew initiative

The initiative aims to support the tech SME’s through two tracks: attract Saudi tech talents by providing salary subsidy and sustain them by providing financial incentives

Boost initiative

The Boost Initiative empowers and supports tech entrepreneurs to build their experiences through incubating them with partner, to support them to establish their own company, In addition to reducing the financial risks of fully dedicating their time to entrepreneurial projects

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Connect Initiative

The initiative aims to support local tech SMEs by qualifying them to meet the requirements of large tech projects, and assist large tech companies in dealing with local Tech SMEs.

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BRIDGE Initiative

The initiative aims to support high growth startups/companies to grow their business globally, by providing multiple financial subsidies to help them expand their business to the global markets.


NEXT ERA initiative

A program that aims to offer financial incentives to individuals and entrepreneurs to encourage and foster innovation in the development of emerging technological initiatives, products, and deep technologies.



A national program that supports and enables high-growth technology companies to reach unicorn stage by providing an integrated set of services and offerings

MVPlab Initiative

The National Information Technology Development Program launching “MVPlab” to support and enable innovative technology entrepreneurs to develop their projects, accelerate growth and launch technology business models, which aims to create 1,000 emerging technology companies in partnership with several partners in the entrepreneurial field.

LendTech Initiative

An initiative that aims to enable beneficiary companies to obtain financing with concessional conditions that are suitable for technology companies that banks and financial institutions do not accept to provide support for, with a total capital of SR 360 million

Accelerators Enablement Initiative

The initiative seeks to enable local and global business accelerators to adopt international best practices based on quality standards, to enable entrepreneurs to come up with distinctive business models by providing financial support