Accelerators Enablement Initiative

The initiative seeks to enable local and global business accelerators to adopt international best practices based on quality standards, to enable entrepreneurs to come up with distinctive business models by providing financial support



Tomoh Tech Initiative

The initiative aims to empower small and mid-sized fast-growing tech companies by providing services that enhance their growth, and support their expansion, which contributes to raising the percentage of their contribution to the digital economy, and creating job opportunities for the Saudi citizens, as well as accelerating the pace of development of the tech sector in the Kingdom to become a global tech hub, in line with the objectives of the Kingdom's Vision 2030

Tech Research Challenge Initiative

This initiative brings together companies, universities, and research centers through a competition. The competition involves companies presenting practical Technology challenges. Universities and research centers then take up those challenges, assembling work teams of students and researchers to find solutions, with the best winning awards and accomplishment certificates