Tomoh Tech Initiative


The initiative aims to empower small and mid-sized fast-growing tech companies by providing services that enhance their growth, and support their expansion, which contributes to raising the percentage of their contribution to the digital economy, and creating job opportunities for the Saudi citizens, as well as accelerating the pace of development of the tech sector in the Kingdom to become a global tech hub, in line with the objectives of the Kingdom's Vision 2030


High-growth small and mid-size technology companies

Initiative goals

Accelerate development of local high-growth technology companies

Empower beneficiary companies to expand into regional and international markets and new local industries

Increase the adoption of emerging technologies

Initiative Details

The initiative is available for high-growth small and mid-size technology companies

Enabling the beneficiary companies to access a diverse array of specific services in the technology sector, in addition to consultants, local and international investors, and international experts with knowledge in various related fields

Providing assistance in collecting, analyzing and interpreting information about the target market, consumers, competitors, and the industry as a whole and conducting market research

Participation in the initiative is carried out through Monsha'at's Tomoh program platform

The participating company benefits from exclusive services according to its needs and requirements for growth and development

The participating company obtains the distinguised “Scale Up” badge from the program, in addition to sharing the companies’ success stories

Initiative Benefits

Exclusive services based on the company's needs and requirements for growth and development

The opportunity to highlight the company’s achievements and success, and to be distinguished by sharing success stories, and by the “Scale Up” badge, granted form NTDP to the companies that benefit from the initiative and achieve the required growth

Beneficiary Journey

Company registration through Monsha'at's Tomoh program platform

Application acceptance

Filling out a questionnaire of the company's self-diagnosis report

Developing the accelerating growth plan

The company benefits from the provided services


High-growth small and medium-sized companies operating in the traditional technology and emerging technologies sectors

They are companies that grow at an annual rate of 20%, whether in revenue or employment within 3 years, and have 10 or more employees. Some exemptions applied based on the data provided.

The targeted tech companies will submit a request to join the initiative through Tomoh portal from Monsha’at. After approval, the companies will be comprehensively evaluated to identify the current situation, strengths and areas of development. Based on this, specific services will be provided to these companies that include several tools to help them to grow and expand and ensuring that the goals of the initiative are achieved, while continuing to monitor and evaluate.

Tomoh is one of the programs of the General Authority for Small and Medium Enterprises "Monsha'at". The program targets high-growth small and medium enterprises, which are very important for the national economy. The program aims to accelerate their growth and develop their capabilities by linking them with service providers and support agencies from the public and private sectors, in addition to providing them a number of services within the Tamoh platform. This is done after conducting a diagnostic process for their business and identifying potential development areas. For more information about Tomoh, please visit the link here