Tech Entrepreneurship Support initiative

You can apply to the initiative through this success partner and many others

Initiative Success Partner


Falak Investment Hub is a hybrid between a business accelerator, co-working space, angel network, and an investment firm. A hub for those who believe they can help thrive a nation, and rise to their personal limitless potential. We aim to create a full eco-system of support and give our entrepreneurs a higher likelihood of success by pushing them to their full limitless potential to disrupt an industry and tackle a missing need in the market, and ultimately leave a long lasting impact on the nation and the world.

Why us?

What you will get

  • We will provide support in form of: Fully equipped offices with day and night services (Kitchen, cleaning, etc), and knowledge with experience of the team available.
  • We will provide easy access to several resources (data, clients, experts, mentors, etc), and will be willing to support financially (i.e., in form of early stages investments).

Our value proposition

  • Access to high quality talents
  • Being part of a community of like-minded companies with the purpose of supporting entrepreneurship in the digital space with impact in KSA
  • Potential investment opportunities in supported businesses.

Eligibility Criteria

  • Years of experience: between 2 to 4 years of experience
  • Field of experience: startup
  • Product stage: post-MVP with a requirement you have already built some sort of MVP out of your idea, and assured at least 3 feedbacks from prospected customers, or at least three progressive feedbacks from well known mentors like experts in the field of your startup.