Tech Entrepreneurship Support initiative

You can apply to the initiative through this success partner and many others

Initiative Success Partner


Unifonic bring a comprehensive entrepreneurship program ‘Unifonic X’. It  combines a unique set of resources that offers the candidates access to the Silicon Valley  experiences, a world-class experiential education from one of the top universities in the world,  technical expertise, an active learning model, and access to a strong regional network and  funding. For more details visit website

Why us?

What you will get

  • One-to-one mentoring by experienced entrepreneurs and investors, Office Hours with subject matter experts, live  sessions with Guest Speakers and international curriculum.
  • Access to perks, credits, and tools to develop startups offering
  • Access to market key players and potential investors

Our value proposition

We are looking for passionate and committed entrepreneurs decided to leverage program resource to  launch and grow successful businesses. Entrepreneurs are expected to actively participate on program  activities based on the curriculum and their own businesses plan to get access to all benefits and  continue enrolled in the program


Eligibility Criteria

Preferred candidates have experience in cloud computing (or similar), in entrepreneurship or  both. It’s advantageous for candidates to have an early-stage start-up or aspire to start one  soon, however it's not mandatory, we accept candidates in ideation stage.