Tech Research Challenge Initiative

Research creates..Companies thrive

This initiative brings together companies, universities, and research centers through a competition. The competition involves companies presenting practical Technology challenges. Universities and research centers then take up those challenges, assembling work teams of students and researchers to find solutions, with grants for accepted projects that need it, and opportunity to win awards and accomplishment certificates

Beneficiary Participants


Companies are the starting point of the competition by presenting a practical real-world challenge. Those involved will benefit from the innovative, scientific solutions that are created

Universities and Research Centers

By taking on the challenges and putting together work teams of students and researchers to find solutions, universities and research centers will benefit from private sector recognition of their capabilities, innovation, and commitment to excellence

Students and Researchers

Will create ambitious teams to propose, plan and accomplish projects that address one of the challenges, and follow up until completion and production, aiming to participate, achieve and win. This will provide them with a great work experience and develop their team spirit

Initiative Goals

Supporting technology companies to develop their products, build their capabilities, and strengthen their collaboration with universities and research centers by stimulating research in the technology field

Encouraging the private sector, universities, and research centers to cooperate more on research, innovation, and development projects in the field of technology

Focusing the efforts of universities and research centers on innovation projects that meet the current technology needs of the private sector

Initiatives details

There will be three competitions per year as a new competition will launch every semester

Companies present technology challenges that can be solved as research projects within one or two academic semesters. To Register challenge information for companies,click here

Universities and research centers select the challenges they want to take on, creating teams of students or researchers to work on them as research projects. To know more about the initiative or to show interest, click here and start the message with "Tech Research Challenge"

A jury from universities, research centers, and business centers (accelerators, incubators, project builders, innovation centers, etc.) will review and evaluate the projects and decide on the winners

Total prizes of up to SR270 000 for students and researchers

Every semester one company is selected to win the best technology challenge award

Every semester one university or research center is selected to win the best support award

In case of need, the research team will be able to request a grant of up to 67,000 riyals to work on the project, to be disbursed in stages according to the approved plan

In the first semester of the current academic year, teams will work on challenges already provided by a number of technology companies

Initiative Benefits

For Companies
Benefit from improved cooperation with universities and research centers. They also benefit from the expertise, experience, and research capabilities that universities and research centers will utilize to find solutions to current technology challenges

For Universities and Research Centers
Benefit from enhanced cooperation with companies. The initiative also gives university students the opportunity to work on projects that solve challenges through scientific research and innovation

For Students and Researchers
Strengthen relationships with companies while gaining experience in solving challenges through projects. This helps prepare them for their careers and for becoming the business leaders of the future

Competition Process

Companies present technology challenges to the program

The challenges for the current semester are selected and announced

Universities and research centers select the challenges they want to take on. This is announced to students and researchers, and the challenge is registered with the program listings

Teams of students and researchers submit requests to join the competition. Each submission must include a project plan for one of the challenges available this semester

After submitted requests are accepted by the program, teams can start working on their research projects

If needed, the research team to submit a grant request to work on the project. It will be disbursed in stages according to the approved plan

The research teams deliver their completed projects to the program before the deadline

The submitted projects are studied by the jury to decide on the winners

The awards and competition winners are announced


  • Saudi Electronic University

  • Umm Al Qura University

  • Prince Sultan University

  • University of Prince Mugrin

  • Princess Nourah Bint Abdul Rahman University

  • Imam Mohammad Ibn Saud Islamic University

  • Alfaisal University

  • King Abdulaziz University

  • King Fahd University of Petroleum and Minerals

  • Taibah University

  • Effat University

Companies can submit challenges on the following link

To get all the needed information regarding university participation, please contact us here

They can apply only if their university participated in the initiative. Please contact your university regarding the participation

The challenges can be obtained from the participating universities, please contact your university and ask for the challenges that have been chosen