Tech Entrepreneurship Support Initiative

Target Beneficiaries

Tech Entrepreneurship Support Initiative empowers and supports IT entrepreneurs by reducing risks of giving full time to their entrepreneurial projects.

The initiative is based on providing financial and knowledge support

We will do this through:

Financial support for the entrepreneur during the establishment period

Work in an environment that builds practical and training experiences

Receive coaching and consulting from the founders and mentors of major tech projects

Initiative goals

The initiative aims to develop the tech sector in the Kingdom through:

Build the expertise and skills to create successful tech entrepreneurs of the future

Increasing the number of entrepreneurs dedicated to their projects

Who is to for?

Those looking to enter the world of tech entrepreneurship, whether they have an existing project or an idea


To enable entrepreneurs to take the first step to achieve their dreams and launch their own entrepreneurship by reducing risk


  • Supporting the entrepreneur financially during the establishment period

  • Developmental and knowledge support through training and consultations from the founders and mentors of the essential pioneering tech projects in the Kingdom

The beneficiary’s Journey

The Initiative has two main tracks:

1 . High Growth Startup

2 . Business Platforms Path

Fill out the initiative's enrollment form

Form review and evaluation by partners

Reach out to accepted participants

Begin the initiative program which lasts for 9 months

Application Terms

Saudi nationals

Experience of at least one year

Commit full-time to the project after being accepted by one of the partners

The entrepreneur's idea has to be in the field of technology

The entrepreneur's idea has to be in the field of technology

Fulfill all the conditions and requirements by the program's partners

Success Partners

Participation in the initiative must be through our success partners, who will work closely with NTDP. Entrepreneurs who wish to participate in the initiatives should only apply to one success partner. Applying to another partner will only be possible if the previous partner has rejected or canceled the application


Financial support

Covering a percentage of the qualification expenses, up to a maximum of

18,000 riyals per month