A national program that supports and enables high-growth technology companies to reach unicorn stage by providing an integrated set of services and offerings

Who is it for?

Saudi high-growth technology companies

Program Tracks

Growth Track

Enables high-growth technology startups in the pre-seed stage to reach the growth stage

Expansion Track

Supports high-growth companies that have proven readiness to expand to new local and international markets

Program Offering

Developing and Attracting Talent

Market Expansion

Facilitating Government Access

Supporting Global Emergence

Access to a Phygital Ecosystem

Connecting Companies with Investors

Mentorship and Coaching

Relationship with Private Sector


Increase the number of unicorn companies

Create direct and indirect jobs

Increase market value of benefiting companies, hence impacting country's GDP

Empower and support high-growth technology companies

Support companies in their expansion into new markets