NEXT ERA Initiative


Next Era


An initiative that aims to offer financial incentives to individuals and tech companies to accelerate the development and innovation activities for deep and emerging technology products.




initiative goals

Raising the level of the Kingdom locally and internationally in the areas of development, and innovation in emerging and deep technology.

Increasing high-quality innovation projects within the national economy.

Accelerate the development and innovation activities for deep tech entrepreneurs and SMEs.



Financial incentives to support and develop innovative technology products for tech companies.

Commercializing intellectual property and transferring scientific research to become tech companies.


Tech companies: A track for startups, small and medium enterprises adopting innovative solutions in the area of emerging and deep technologies

Individuals: A track for individuals, researchers, or entrepreneurs who own a patent working prototype in the field of emerging technologies and deep technologies.


Requirements for the Individuals track (templates are provided)

Business plan for the project

Technical report

Financial plan

Intellectual property strategy


Commitment Letter

Requirements for the tech companies track (templates are provided)

Business plan for the project

Technical report

Financial plan

Commitment letter


Pitch deck

SME certificate OR Proof of closing a pre-seed round

CST ManassaTech certificate

Saudi commercial register



The registration to apply for the first cohort has ended now. We will open soon registration for the second cohort


Emerging technologies are modern technologies whose commercial and social uses and benefits are still emerging day after day. These technologies include artificial intelligence technology, cloud computing technology, Internet of Things technology, rapid prototyping technology, biotechnology, and others.

Deep Technologies are technological innovations to solve problems, especially those related to sustainable development. Through engineering and science technology tools, these innovations create cutting-edge solutions with global impact.

It is a small or medium establishment that has benefited financially from adopting emerging technology or innovation. This is whether this is applied to the establishment’s products and services, in its business model, or in its work environment and internal operations.

It is what the facility or place offers in terms of goods (products or services), processes (business model, work environment, or internal operations), or a mixture of goods and processes. Therefore, they are brand-new or significantly developed, and they are either already in use by the facility, the location, or its users.

1. If you are an individual, researcher, or entrepreneur, and you have a patent or innovation working prototype for any product related to emerging and deep technologies. To sell, invest, and provide this product on the market, you need to create a commercial registry.

2. If you own a micro, small, or medium business and are looking for innovative solutions in the area of emerging technologies and deep technologies. This will enable you to develop customized products or services, or improve existing programs that help your business grow.

A scientific committee with expertise in emerging technologies will review all applications. The committee will also review the amounts indicated in the financial plan to assess whether they are appropriate.

No, to ensure that project progress is of a high quality, financial incentives are not delivered in one payment, but in batches according to the project plan. In addition, these incentives are provided after completing the required milestone.

No, for the companies track, the initiative will cover 70% of the cost.

The priorities topics are the national aspirations and priorities, which are:

- Economies of the Future

- Health and Wellness

- Sustainable Environment and Supply of Essential Needs

- Energy and Industrial Leadership

The minimum requirement for applying for a proposal is to have either Intellectual Property (IP), or Working Prototype in the area of emerging and deep technologies.