MVPlab Initiative




The National Information Technology Development Program launching “MVPlab” to support and enable innovative technology entrepreneurs to develop their projects, accelerate growth and launch technology business models, which aims to create 1,000 emerging technology companies in partnership with several partners in the entrepreneurial field.

Targets audiences

Local tech entrepreneurs

Global tech entrepreneurs


Advantages and opportunities

Venture Capital Fund Investment opportunities

Law services

Administrative services

Innovative workspaces

Financial incentives

Training courses

Apply to MVPLAB

Registration is now open the 3rd cohort, from March 12 to March 30, 2023


The selection committee will choose between the participating projects based on the evaluation of the submitted  project's business model as well as the technical and financial proposal.

* Entrepreneurs with a prototype
* Entrepreneurs with an ultimate MVP business model
* Entrepreneurs have proof of a conceptual model for the product

The project representative must be at least 18 years old.
It is mandatory to have a founder and co-founder of the project.
The project contains an innovative idea that serves the technology sector
 Complete the registration form and submit the required files completely
Provide a concise, comprehensive overview of the project along with a description of the presented issue. 
Including a draft business plan, together with a financial and technical proposal.
The ability to be fully dedicated and committed to attend the program, knowing that it is held in person in the city of Riyadh.

A prototype is a model version or simulation of a product to test the concept and basis of an idea before launching it. Prototypes help identify market needs and pain points before launching a product.

"A minimum valuable product. A simplified model of a specific product or service that is ready for use and testing.
It is used to get the first users of the product or service and help get feedback from them to launch the project in the market."

No, at least two team members are required to participation. 

The first stage: Submitting applications and screening participants.
The second phase: Intense training program that includes; joint workspaces, entrepreneurship workshops, concept testing, business model development, business model testing, and launching.
The third stage: Providing guidance and advisory sessions to help develop products or services and launch startups while incubating projects for 3 to 6 months.
The fourth stage: The graduation stage, where projects are presented during the closing ceremony in front of a group of private agencies  and investors

There is no financial fee for registration.

All technical fields, including but not limited to:
SaaS - Financial technology - Logistics services - Food and beverage sector platforms and solutions - E-commerce - Entertainment and sports - Tourism - Robotics - 3D printing .. and others.

Financial incentives are offered to each participant in the program, amounting to 150,000 Saudi riyals, divided into four installments, based on the participant’s commitment to fully delivering the required tasks.

Each participant is able to develop a final MVP business model and launch it to the market.
At the end of the program, the best participants will be able to present their projects to the most prominent private agencies, investors, and investment funds during the closing ceremony.

Yes, the program targets owners of technical ideas from any city in the world, and the participants from outside the Kingdom are contacted after their acceptance to facilitate their entry procedures to the Kingdom.

The program's financial incentives are not refundable unless participants fail to meet requirements and complete their targets.

Non-Saudis can register, provided that one of the partners is a Saudi citizen

It is not required to have a commercial register at the application stage. If the project is accepted into the program, it is required to open a commercial register for a company, not an institution.

The program provides co-working spaces, a training program, consulting services, linkages with investment funds and financial incentives.

The program between 3 and 6 months and is consecutive, since it includes training programs as well as an incubation period for projects.