LendTech Initiative




An initiative that aims to enable beneficiary companies to obtain financing with concessional conditions that are suitable for technology companies that banks and financial institutions do not accept to provide support for, with a total capital of SR 360 million

Targeted groups

Micro-small technology companies

Small-size technology COMPANIES

Medium-size technology COMPANIES

Initiative Goal

To support the quick access of tech MSMEs (Micro, small and medium enterprises) to capital that facilitates the start-up and expansion of their businesses

Eligibility criteria

Companies of all types must meet the following requirement



To be a technology company

To be incorporated in Saudi Arabia

To have a valid business registration certificate

To have a minimum of 6 months of work experience based on the company size

Initiative Privileges

Financing with concessional conditions

Affordable Murabaha prices

A grace period of up to three months

The maximum funding available to micro-tech enterprises is SR 900,000.

Small tech enterprises are only eligible for SR 2.5 million in funding.

Medium tech enterprises can only receive SR8.5 million in funding.

Beneficiary journey

The beneficiary company will submit the application via the website, choose the appropriate loan, and upload the necessary files to complete the registration.

The program will review the application and give preliminary approval.

The financial position of the beneficiary will be assessed.

The beneficiary will receive final financing approval.

The beneficiary will repay the loan within the time frame agreed upon.