BRIDGE Initiative


The initiative aims to support high growth startups/companies to grow their business globally, by providing multiple financial subsidies to help them expand their business to the global markets.


High Growth Tech Startups/Companies


Supporting high growth startups/companies to expand globally

Increase the exporters capabilities and readiness of high growth startups/companies

Unlock opportunities and offer access to global markets


Subject Matter Expert Subsidies Support

Commercial Presence Subsidies Support

M&A Subsidies Support

Marketing Activities Subsidies Support

IP Commercialization Subsidies Support

Inventions Testing Subsidies Support


Saudi registered company (Saudi CR) 

Company with high growth & product market fit.

Company with +100M SAR revenue with 20% CAGR over the last 3 years

Tech company registered in “ManassaTech” or according to “ISIC4” classification.

Must be in expansion stage and submit a clear “Expansion and Product Exporting Plan”


Providing financial support to high growth startups/companies for global expansion

Providing financial support to contribute to the development of products to be exported globally




The initiative is suitable for to high growth startups/companies with product market fit. The company should have a clear plan to expand its business by exporting its tech services or products outside the Kingdom.

Export is defined as the value of all products and services supplied or sold outside Saudi Arabia. 

Provide support on Mergers and Acquisitions on the targeted market by subsidize the cost of advisory/consultant for M&A transition process.

No, to ensure that project progress is of a high quality, financial incentives are not delivered in one payment, but in batches according to the project plan. In addition, these incentives are provided after completing the required milestone.

Subsidize the cost of obtain expert support with sector-specific knowledge and technical know-how to better inform beneficiary decisions and product development according to the need of the targeted market.

The initiative will cover 70% of the expansion cost, and there is a cap for each service.