Accelerators Enablement Initiative


The initiative seeks to enable local and global business accelerators to adopt international best practices based on quality standards, to enable entrepreneurs to come up with distinctive business models by providing financial support


Local Business Accelerators

Venture capital-backed, targeting tech startups in the Kingdom, with two or more years of experience

Global Business Accelerators

Venture capital-backed, looking for opportunities to invest in emerging tech companies in the Kingdom, with two or more years of experience

Initiative goals

Raising the quality and efficiency of current accelerators by adopting high-quality standards based on international best practices

Increasing investment opportunities offered to tech stratups in the Kingdom by attracting global business accelerators

Enabling tech startups in the Kingdom and promoting their growth and development through access to high-quality services to create models and success stories that motivate entrepreneurs to establish leading tech companies

Creating direct and indirect jobs

Initiative Benefits

Financial support following the approved performance standards to enable business accelerators in the Kingdom

Raising the efficiency of business accelerators in the Kingdom and growing their business

Promoting business accelerators and highlighting their participation in success stories and achievements

Beneficiary path

Submitting a request to participate in the initiative

Reviewing and submitting the application to the partners for evaluation

Communicating with approved participants

Submitting a business plan and receiving support 

Strategic Partners

Ministry of Communications and Information Technology



Saudi Venture Capital Company


Center of Digital Entrepreneurship



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