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The initiative aims to support local tech SMEs by qualifying them to meet the requirements of large tech projects, and assist large tech companies in dealing with local Tech SMEs.


Local tech SMEs

Large technology companies


To enhance the capabilities of micro, small, medium-sized tech companies to become a qualified service provider.

To increase the participation of micro, small and medium-sized tech companies in public and private sector projects.

Increase the productivity of tech SMEs and their contribution to the local content.


Tech SMEs Qualification Program

The service provides various types of training for four main pillars: operational excellence, financial literacy, customer management, policies and procedures to ensure the qualification of local tech service providers.

Proof of Capability Cost Subsid

Support is provided to cover a portion of the material costs for proof of capability to demonstrate the quality of local tech SMEs.

Supplier Development Programs in Large Technology Companies

Working with Large technology companies’ case by case to develop / enhance the supplier development function based on the main elements of supplier development manual.



Local SMEs Suppliers Database

Providing a database of existing Local Tech SMEs to help Large Tech Companies find suitable Local Tech SMEs to work in their projects.



Golden List of Top Local SMEs Suppliers

A list is provided of all reliable and recognized local small and medium-sized technology companies by the initiative.



The Initiative is suitable for micro, small, and medium-sized businesses which provide technical service.

Micro businesses: Full-time employees ranging from 1 to 5 people and revenues ranging from zero to 3 million SAR.
Small businesses: Full-time employees ranging from 6 to 49 people and revenues ranging from 3 to 40 million SAR .
Medium-sized businesses: Full-time employees ranging from 50 to 249 people and revenues ranging from 40 to 200 million SAR .

A business is classified based on its size according to its conformity to the number of full-time employees and revenue standards.

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The Supplier Development Program is a program or a sort of management present in large companies. It serves the purpose of developing suppliers and promoting the growth and success of the company's suppliers to meet the requirements of completing projects with the highest quality.

It refers to the total spending within the Kingdom of Saudi Arabia by participating Saudi elements in labor force, goods, services, productive and technical assets.

This is a stage that tests the products or services of a service provider to determine their suitability to meet the requirements and standards of the project.