About NTDP

National Technology Development Program

NTDP is a national program that contributes to developing the technology ecosystem in the Kingdom and increasing its effectiveness by driving sustainable growth using different interventions and support mechanisms complementing efforts made by others stakeholders. The program also plays an essential role in enhancing all enablers that influence the technology market growth, aiming to make the Kingdom an attractive regional center for innovation and investment in the sector.

Encourages and supports national companies in the IT and emerging technologies sector, locally and globally, to increase its local market share and global exports

Encourages and supports the local private sector to further embrace IT solutions, initiatives, applications, and services, including emerging technologies, that would result in developing the technology sector

Attracts global and local companies that support innovation and research centers that are relevant to the IT sector

Contributes to the localization of the IT sector, including emerging technologies, and to increases the local content in the sector

Our Vision

Facilitate Saudi Arabia’s transformation into a leading global Technology Hub by 2030

Our Mission

Strengthen the Saudi tech-ecosystem with innovative financial solutions

Our Values

The smart problem solver



Lean and agile