NTDP Initiatives

Tomoh Tech Initiative

The initiative aims to empower small and mid-sized fast-growing tech companies by providing services that enhance their growth, and support their expansion, which contributes to raising the percentage of their contribution to the digital economy, and creating job opportunities for the Saudi citizens, as well as accelerating the pace of development of the tech sector in the Kingdom to become a global tech hub, in line with the objectives of the Kingdom's Vision 2030

Tech Research Challenge Initiative

This initiative brings together companies, universities, and research centers through a competition. The competition involves companies presenting practical Technology challenges. Universities and research centers then take up those challenges, assembling work teams of students and researchers to find solutions, with the best winning awards and accomplishment certificates

National Technology Development Program (NTDP)

NTDP is a national program that contributes to enhancing and ensuring the effectiveness of technology ecosystem by achieving a sustainable development using various components in collaboration with the stakeholders

Supporting growth and investment in technology companies so they can compete locally, regionally and globally

Enabling digital economy by the effective use of traditional and emerging technologies within various fields in collaboration with stakeholders in the sector

Creating a technology business ecosystem that integrates companies, universities, research centers and human resources in collaboration with stakeholders in the sector

Our Vision

Place the Kingdom in global leadership positions in technology and the digital economy

Our Mission

To promote technology development in the Kingdom by encouraging investment and strategic partnerships in the private sector, as well as by building up competencies, assisting in the development of strong technology companies, championing research and innovation and supporting technology adoption in all areas of the private sector

Program's Initiatives and Pillars

Support entrepreneurship and Tech companies

NTDP provides incentives and facilitates access to financing and investment for local technology companies, helping them grow their businesses and increase their competitiveness locally and globally. NTDP also works on attracting international investment and companies to the Kingdom. At the same time, it helps develop technology entrepreneurship and emerging technology companies

Increase technology adoption

Contributes to the adoption of technology in businesses and supports companies in their digital transformation journey. Moreover, NTDP promotes the use of emerging technologies to enhance competitiveness and develop growth opportunities

Build capabilities and attract talents

NTDP works to attract global competencies to contribute to local talents development and localization of knowledge. It also helps attract technology entrepreneurs while enabling local technology talents to flourish and succeed within the KSA technology ecosystem


NTDP incentivizes research, development and innovation in technology by promoting cooperation between the private sector, universities and research centers. It also helps companies gain access to funds to invest in these activities. NTDP will also engage public and private sector stakeholders with major international companies to bring technology research and innovation to the Kingdom and attract global innovation and research centers