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NTDP Initiatives

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Relocate Initiative

The initiative aims to incentives the global tech startups and multinational companies by facilitating their access and providing a range of attractive incentives needed by these tech companies to relocate to KSA and then to successfully expand and scale within the KSA and regional market.


TechCrew initiative

The initiative aims to support the tech SME’s through two tracks: attract Saudi tech talents by providing salary subsidy and sustain them by providing financial incentives

National Technology Development Program (NTDP)

NTDP is a national program that contributes to enhancing and ensuring the effectiveness of technology ecosystem by achieving a sustainable development using various components in collaboration with the stakeholders

Encourages and supports national companies in the IT and emerging technologies sector, locally and globally, to increase its local market share and global exports. 

Encourages and supports the local private sector to further embrace IT solutions, initiatives, applications, and services, including emerging technologies, that would result in developing the technology sector

Attracts global and local companies that support innovation and research centers that are relevant to the IT sector

Contributes to the localization of the IT sector, including emerging technologies, and to increases the local content in the sector

Our Vision

Facilitate Saudi Arabia’s transformation into a leading global Technology Hub by 2030

Our Mission

Strengthen the Saudi tech-ecosystem with innovative financial solutions

Program's Initiatives and Pillars

Boost technology entrepreneurs

Stimulates the growth of technology entrepreneurship and supports the establishment of emerging technology companies, by providing appropriate incentives that increases the number of entrepreneurs and emerging companies in the technology sector


Support technology companies

Provides incentives and facilitates the access of local technology companies to financing and investment, to enable them to grow and develop their businesses, with the aim of raising the competitive advantages of the local technology companies, so to expand locally and export globally, while attracting FDIs and global technology companies


Enable potential unicorn companies

Provides full support and incentives to enable the potential technology unicorn companies to grow, scale-up, and develop


Develop technology talent

Develops local technology talents, and attracts global experts in the field to contribute to the development of the local technology companies and talents, and the localization of the knowledge. The program also aims to provide the needed support to ensure a healthy environment does exists within the IT ecosystem that enables the tech talents to grow and shine

Promote RDI in the technology Sector

Incentivizes research, development and innovation in technology by promoting the collaboration between the technology private sector, and the universities and research centers. It also helps companies gain access to funds to invest in R&D. the program will also engage public and private sector stakeholders with major international companies to bring technology R&D to the Kingdom and attract global innovation and research centers